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Welcome to the Bigdaddyadd's Locost Build web site.

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This site contains a few drawings related to the build of the Seven inspired Locost "Kit" car, the famed conception of Mr. Ron Champion. It also has a few other usefull file downloads a page for My own fabricated sale items and for visitors to sell their odds and sods. There is also a build diary of my progress as and when I find time to update it. The site is up dated regularly so click the mind it link below to get notification of updates. Also please sign the guest book let me know what is good and what is not so good about the site. If you have something to sell email details don't worry if you think it clashes with other sale items on this site as the site is intended to help fellow builders and prospective builders and is not Brighton Fabrications core buisiness, which is heavy engineering, perimeter manufacture, gate automation and one off fabrications.
I and all working for me are time served machinists, welders or fabricators.

Happy bulding!!!!!!!!!

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