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Fabrication home
At Brighton Fabrications the mainstay of our work is in the manufacture and erection of perimeter guarding fencing and openings. These range from ornate Iron gates to large scale heavy duty installations for industry use. We have a broad customer base and pride ourselves on being able to supply the exact product for the purpose, made to measure and of the highest quality at a competitive price.
The work we do ranges from machine guards and gates to hospital handrails automated barriers and all manner of domestic contracts. In addition we also supply small batch or one off fabrications to customer plans or work with the customer to provide suitable drawings and parts to suit their needs such as specialist construction components. In the near future we anticipate expanding our facilities to incorporate more contract work and develope our product range.  We have recently been involved in producing a small number of kit car components informal details of which are available on this site by clicking the link for home at the top. More details and product examples will be published here shorlty please come back soon or contact us for enquireys.