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Build Diary
My build started in June 2000 and came to grinding halt during my wife's pregnancy. Full stop July 2000 a total of 2 Saturday afternoons. I got this far....

Then it took up residency under the lay-up board and formed the frame for laying out gates and railings. It also hung on the wall for a few months. Now in January 2002 I have had another 2 Saturdays at it.
There really is a chassis under there !!
I have now finished the putting the chassis tubes together and am in the process of fitting the suspension components. I have decided to use the De Dion rear end front wish bones as per the book. I considered IRS but felt the feel of the De Don would be preferable despite the added weight. If need be I'll diet a bit to compensate or have a bloody good s**t.
Once I have worked out how best to fit it all at the back I will publish ammended plans on this sites file downloads page and make components available  for sale.
I will bring this up to date as soon as I develop my camera film. I know tight git buy a digital!!!                                                                                           Jan 2002
Well I started to work on it then the usual torrent of crap that seems to float around when I am doing site work got dumped on top, around and under it.
May have to wait a while fort those plans as some kind sole has rung me tonight and offered me a free mark II escort as long as I can drag it out of it's shed. Can any one help same kind sole mentioned above is after Sierra disc rear set up the hole lot I know he is not alone in this search but I think his good nature towards a fellow Locoster deserves some reward? Pay it on sort of thing. Good news expecting my suspension brackets in the next couple of days. 26 for £20 from a chap on the locost builders forum named Dunc very helpful chap. This should spur me to getting a little further on towards a rolling chassis especially as I have been offered 4 new Zeemeride shocks for £120 things are looking good for the next couple of months rolling chassis for a total to date of £200.                                                                                                           Feb 2002
OK things have gone a bit pear shaped. I did a bit last week made a couple of ali tanks part welded which was good then needed to make some gates on the layup board (got to earn a living) so had to put the chassis outdoors for a few days. It hasn't stopped raining since as you can guess it is now a lovely orange rust colour that just added £60.00 to build cost for galvanising unless I can squeeze it in the shot blaster. I got my brackets from Dunc and they are spot on. Haven't yet sorted the shocks, lost the chaps email address so if you read this ashley use the contacts. I am planning on cutting the internal ali panels by the end of the week from the sheet I have had lying on on the floor for  months as all the inner panels will eventually be trimmed. The only tip I can give in this update is to make sure, if you are using  a nibler to cut your sheet, that you apply oil in the path of the cutter especially with ali and that, if you can, use a guide to run the nibbler against. It works quite well to make a template of the piece you want to cut stick it to your job and use that to cut against.                            March 2002