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About us
I am the owner of small fabrication firm producing varying small batch and one off fabrications, from wrought iron gates and railings to Locost wish bones and roll bars. I gained my early training with a successful engineering firm in Worcester producing precision tubular components for the earth moving and automotive industries. From there I spent a few years with Cosworths before moving on to join one of the countries largest steel fabrication firms, Wescol Glosford. In January last year the plant was closed and the operation was moved to another town given the option to move or travel everyday I decided to quit and make a go on my own. I now have strong order books which have  increased since starting production of Locost fabricated components. All very well and good but I don't get to time to work on my own build especially having a sixteen month old daughter as well who I find it difficult to tear myself away from to go in the workshop (till the crying starts that is)
I also employ the skills of a number of time served highly skilled machinists and welder fabricaters to provide the very highest quality we can attain. We are committed to producing our warez  to a standard we can hold our heads to and price that is not offensive to anyone (read as cheap as possible)

Welding certifications will be on this site for view asap.